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  • Can you use a "broker deal" card on a company that is insolvent?"
    No, it is not possible to use a "broker deal" card on a company that is insolvent. You must wait till the price is above $0.
  • What does clearing your short mean?
    If you have shorted a company in the previous round, you must clear your short using one of the three turns you have when you receive 10 new cards. To clear a short, you must remove your short from the blue portion of the board, and collect money from the bank if the stock price went down or pay the price difference if the stock price went up. You may buy into that company or re-short on the same turn. However, that counts as one turn. You may not buy into a different company or short a different company on the same turn.
  • When does the game end?
    The game can end at any point, but we advise playing at least 10 rounds!
  • If you are CEO or Director of a company, are you able to NOT remove the lowest card?"
    No, you must remove the lowest card of that company. Keep in mind, that if the company has a CEO, the director has no power. Only 1 card can be removed of the company.
  • If I am a CEO, do I remove the lowest total negative card or the lowest negative closest to 0?"
    The lowest negative total. For example, if there is a -$25 and a -$5 the CEO can remove the -$25 card.
  • How many shares can I short?
    Between rounds 1-5 you may short EITHER 5,000 shares or 10,000 shares. You may not short less or more than this. If you short 10,000 shares on your first turn, you cannot keep adding to it. Between rounds 5-10, you may short EITHER 10,000 shares or 20,000 shares. After round 10 you may short either 20,000 shares or 40,000 shares.
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